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Co-advised Students

Last Updated: Monday, 05 February 2018

In this page you can find several students that are Co-Advised by experienced researchers of at least two of the partners of the project.



PhD Students

Tânia photo

Tania Basso

Topic: PRIVAPP: A Comprehensive Approach to Guide the Design of Privacy-Aware Web Applications

Advisors: Mário Jino, Regina Moraes (UNICAMP), Marco Vieira (UC)

Concluded on: 2015/12/04

Daniel photo

Daniel Vecchiato

Topic: Security Configuration Assessment and Benchmarking of Mobile Devices

Advisors: Eliane Martins (UNICAMP), Marco Vieira (UC)

Concluded on: 2016/12/14

Romulo photo

Rômulo José Franco

Topic: An adaptive infrastructure for monitoring of dynamic applications based on SOA

Advisors: Cecilia Rubira (UNICAMP), Eliane Martins (UNICAMP), Marco Vieira (UC)

Jane photo

Jane Sandim Eleutério

Topic: An Infrastructure to Support Autonomic Control Loops in Dynamic Software Product Lines

Advisors: Cecília Rubira (UNICAMP), Andrea Bondavalli (UNIFI), Paolo Lollini (UNIFI)

Enrico's photo

Enrico Schiavone

Topic: Studying the usability of a multi-biometric continuous authentication system

Advisors:Andrea Bondavalli (UNIFI), Ariadne Carvalho (UNICAMP)




MSc Students

Henrique Alves photo

Henrique Alves

Topic: Predicting Software Vulnerabilities Based on the Characteristics of the Code

Advisors: Baldoino Fonseca (UFAL), Nuno Antunes (UC)

Concluded on: 2017/09/12

Marcus Piancó photo

Marcus Piancó

Topic: Using Change History to Predict Vulnerabilities in the Software

Advisors: Baldoino Fonseca (UFAL), Nuno Antunes (UC)

Concluded on: 2017/10/19

Thais Ussami photo

Thaís Harumi Ussami

Topic: Incremental Tests in a Model Based Test Driven Development

Advisors: Eliane Martins (UNICAMP), Andrea Bondavalli (UNIFI), Leonardo Montecchi (UNIFI)

Concluded on: 2016/02/29

Lucas Leal photo

Lucas Leal

Topic: Model based testing for dynamic Service Oriented Architecture

Advisors: Eliane Martins (UNICAMP), Andrea Ceccarelli (UNIFI)

Concluded on: 2017/12/14

Anderson Rossanez photo

Anderson Rossanez

Topic: Automatic evaluation of software requirements in the aerospace domain based on a checklist

Advisors: Ariadne Carvalho (UNICAMP), Marco Vieira (UC)

Concluded on: 2017/07/27