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The fifth project ToK Workshop will be organised by UC in February 1-2, 2016.

The workshop is public and everyone is welcome to attend. The full program schedule is available below.


Event information:


Details on How to get to Coimbra can be found here.

From Coimbra, to arrive to DEI / CISUC, you can find information in the map here (presented also below).

There, you can also find the location of the suggested hotels and other Points of Interest.


Preliminar Program:

DAY 1 – January 1st
09:30 00:15 Welcome UC
09:45 00:15 Opening - meeting objective and organization UC
10:00 00:45 Invited Talk: “Scaling a SQL Database” Miguel Matos
(U. Minho)
10:45 00:30 Coffee Break
11:15 00:30 A Model-Based Approach to Support Safety-Related Decisions in the Petroleum Domain Andrea Bondavalli
11:45 00:15 A field analysis of User-defined Security Configurations of Android Devices Eliane Martins
12:00 00:15 Derivation of System Test Cases for Software Product Lines from Use Case Descriptions in Structured Natural Language Eliane Martins
12:15 01:45 Lunch
15:30 00:30 Coffee Break
16:00 00:15 Laboratory of Communications and Telematics: a brief overview of on-going research activities Marília Curado
16:15 00:30 Predicting Vulnerability in Source Code Using Change History Information Nuno Antunes
16:45 00:30 Presenting the Proper Data to the Crisis Management Operator: A Relevance Labelling Strategy Andrea Ceccarelli
17:15 00:15 Model based online testing for dynamic SOA Eliane Martins
17:30   Happy hour & dinner
DAY 2 – January 2nd
09:15 00:30 Comparing and Experimenting Software Metrics for Vulnerability Prediction Henrique Ferreira
09:45 00:30 An approach to measure the trustworthiness of web services and applications based on privacy evidences Nádia Medeiros
10:15 00:15 Delta Model Based Test Driven Development Eliane Martins
10:30 00:30 Coffee Break
12:15 01:45 Lunch
14:00 00:30 A Taxonomy of Reliable Request-Response Protocols Naghmeh Ivaki
14:30 00:30 Modeling Quality of Experience in Dependable Tele-immersive Applications: A Case Study of World Opera Leonardo Montecchi
15:00 00:15 Assurance Cases applied to Dynamic Applications Felipe Gaia
15:15 00:15 Dynamic Processes applied to the Medical Domain Sheila Venero
15:30 00:30 Coffee Break


Upcoming Conferences

June 25-July 02: SERVICES 2015 / ICWS 2015 / SCC 2015

IEEE 11th World Congress on Services.

  • New York, USA
  • Co-located with: IEEE International Conference on Web Services, IEEE International Conference on Services Computing, IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing


Septembre 7-11: EDCC 2015

11th European Dependable Computing Conference


Septembre 7-8: SERENE 2015

7th International Workshop on Software Engineering for Resilient Systems


Septembre 22-25: SAFECOMP 2015

The 34th International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security.


September 28-October 1: SRDS 2015

The 34th IEEE Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems.


November 2-5: ISSRE 2015

The 26th IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering.


November 18-20: PRDC 2015

The 21st IEEE Pacific Rim International Symposium on Dependable Computing.


October 26-28: LADC 2016

The Seventh Latin-American Symposium on Dependable Computing.


HASE 2016

17th IEEE International Symposium on High Assurance Systems Engineering

  • (Details to be defined)


June 28-July 01: DSN 2016

The 46th Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks.




UNICAMP from the sky

The fourth project ToK Workshop will be organised by UNICAMP in June 30- July 1, 2015.


The workshop is public and everyone is welcome to attend. The full program schedule is available below.


Event information:


Preliminar Program:

DAY 1 – June 30th
09:00 00:10 Welcome UC/UNICAMP
09:10 00:20 Opening - meeting objective and organization UC/UNICAMP
DEVASSES Internal Workshop – Day 1
09:30 01:00 Invited Talk:
Deploying Large-scale Service Compositions on the Cloud with the CHOReOS Enactment Engine
Daniel Cordeiro
10:30 00:30 Coffee Break
Presentations of the UNICAMP team
11:00 00:15 An Architecture for Dynamic Self-Adaptation in Workflows Sheila Venero
11:15 00:15 On the Use of Assurance Cases for Software-intensive Systems Felipe Nunes Gaia
11:30 00:15 Understanding Error Propagation using Complex Networks and Software Fault Injection William Paiva
11:45 00:15 An Approach to Clustering and Sequencing of User Stories Ricardo Barbosa
12:00 00:10 Model-Based Testing Ongoing Research at IC-UNICAMP Eliane Martins
12:10 00:10 Model-Based Online Testing and Online Monitoring Lucas
12:20 00:10 Model-based Testing in Software Product Line Leydi Erazo
12:30 02:00 Lunch
Presentations of the UFAL team
14:30 00:20 On the Relevance of Code Complexity and Change History for Recognizing Software Vulnerability Nuno Antunes
14:50 00:20 Using Decision Trees for Detecting Code Smells Baldoino Fonseca
15:10 00:20 Do Software Product Line Configurations Impact Software Security? Baldoino Fonseca
Past and Ongoing Secondments Status
15:30 00:15 A Comprehensive Approach To Guide The Design Of Privacy-Aware Applications Tania Basso
15:45 00:15 A MDE View on COSMOS Leonardo Montecchi
15:00 00:15 Continuous Multi-Biometric Authentication: Definition and prototyping of a solution for desktop systems Enrico Schiavone
16:15 00:15 Automated test generation in an iterative and incremental environment Thaís Ussami
DAY 2 – July 1st
Presentations of the UC team
10:00 00:15 Evaluation of Intrusion Detection Systems in Virtualization Environments Using Attack Injection Nuno Antunes
10:15 00:15 Studying the Propagation of Failures in SOAs Cristiana Areias
10:30 00:30 Coffee Break
Presentations of the UNIFI team
11:00 00:45 AMADEOS - Reasoning on Systems of Systems Andrea Bondavalli
14:50 00:20 IRENE Improving the Robustness of Urban Electricity Networks - project overview Andrea Ceccarelli

UC@UFAL Seminar Series 2015


IC-UFAL Building

The Institute of Computing of the UFAL took advantage of the presence of multiple UC seconded researchers and organized a series of seminars in the context of the DEVASSES project.


These seminars provide the opportunity to present the work that is being developed at the UFAL by the students of Prof. Baldoino's group and discuss opportunities for potential collaborations.


There was also the opportunity to the UC researchers to present the work they are currently developing and look for students interested in collaborating.
Below we present the complete list of talks.

List of Seminars

Mario Hozano (UFAL) Combining Rule Learning and Developer's Feedback to Improve Code Smell Detection
Henrique Ferreira (UFAL) Using Software Metrics to Predict Vulnerabilities
Marcus Piancó (UFAL) Using Change History Information to Predict Vulnerabilities
Marco Vieira (UC) Dependable and Secure Computing @ UC:
Past… present… & future
Iran Gonzaga (UFAL) Assessing Fine-grained Feature Dependencies
Lucas Amorim (UFAL) A Method for the Automatic Discovery of Rules to Detect Bad Smells
Cristiana Areias (UC) Tests and Fault Injection to Understand how Failures Propagate in SOAs
Nuno Antunes (UC) Evaluating Intrusion Detection Systems in Virtualization Environments

DEVASSES works presented at ACM SAC 2015


The 30th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium On Applied Computing (SAC 2015) occurred in the last April 13–17 at Salamanca, Spain, and the DEVASSES researchers had a strong participation. The SAC is a prestigious conference that annually attracts many contributions in the several different branches of applied computing.


Daniel Vecchiato is currently on a 9-month visit to the University of Coimbra (UC), coming from the University of Campinas (IC-UNICAMP), where he is a PhD student researching Security Assessment of Mobile Platforms under supervision of Prof. Eliane Martins (IC-UNICAMP) and Prof. Marco Vieira (UC).

Ítalo Silva comes from the Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL) and is currently seconded at the UC, presented a paper and also a poster paper. Rui Oliveira is a student from the UC, while Tania Basso is a student of the UNICAMP.


Check the complete list of presentations below.


Service-Oriented Architecture and Programming Track

  • Rui André Oliveira (UC), Nuno Laranjeiro (UC), Marco Vieira (UC), "Characterizing the Performance of Web Service Frameworks under Security Attacks"

Trust, Reputation, Evidence and Other Collaboration Know-How Track

  • Daniel Vecchiato (UNICAMP), Marco Vieira (UC), Eliane Martins (UNICAMP), "A Security Configuration Assessment for Android Devices"

Software Architecture: Theory, Technology, and Applications Track

  • Italo Silva (UFAL), Patrick Brito (UFAL), Baldoino Neto (UFAL), Evandro Costa (UFAL), Andre Silva (UFAL), "A decision-making tool to support architectural designs based on Quality Attributes"
  • Tânia Basso (UNICAMP), Regina Moraes (UNICAMP), Mário Jino (UNICAMP), Marco Vieira (UC), "Requirements, Design and Evaluation of a Privacy Reference Architecture for Web Applications and Services"


All at SAC