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Joint PhD and MSc Proposals

Last Updated: Wednesday, 11 November 2015

In this page you can find several PhD and MSc proposals that will be Co-Advised by experienced researchers of at least two of the partners of the project. These are interesting proposals that fit the topics of the project and the idea is that the student spend some time collaborating with the partners involved.
If you are interested in pursuing one of these proposals, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



PhD Proposals


PhD Proposal #1: Methodology for Agile Development integrated with Acceptance Testing

Advisors: Eliane Martins (UNICAMP), Marco Vieira (UC), Cecília Rubira (UNICAMP)


PhD Proposal #2: An Adaptive Approach for Fault-Tolerant Service Applications

Advisors: Cecília Rubira (UNICAMP), Marco Vieira (UC), Eliane Martins (UNICAMP)


PhD Proposal #4: Anomaly detection in Systems of Systems

Advisors: Cecília Rubira (UNICAMP), Andrea Bondavalli(UNIFI), Andrea Ceccarelli (UNIFI)


PhD Proposal #5: Self-* testing for resilient Service Oriented Architecture

Advisors: Eliane Martins (UNICAMP), Andrea Ceccarelli (UNIFI), Andrea Bondavalli (UNIFI)


PhD Proposal #6: V&V Methodologies and Tools for large-scale, dynamic, service-oriented architectures

Advisors: Eliane Martins (UNICAMP), Paolo Lollini (UNIFI), Andrea Bondavalli (UNIFI)


PhD Proposal #7: Mechanisms for Test Awareness and Isolation in Enterprise Services

Advisors: Nuno Laranjeiro (UC), Regina Moraes (UNICAMP)


PhD Proposal #8: Use analysis techniques to evaluate and improve vulnerability detection

Advisors: Regina Moraes (UNICAMP), Nuno Antunes (UC)


MSc Proposals


MSc Proposal #1: Code Coverage Analysis to Improve Vulnerability Detection Tests

Advisors: Regina Moraes (UNICAMP), Nuno Antunes (UC)




Taken Proposals


PhD Proposal #3: Assessing and Improving the Trustworthiness of Service-Oriented Architectures at Runtime

Advisors: Marco Vieira (UC), Eliane Martins (UNICAMP), Cecilia Rubira (UNICAMP)