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Keynote Presenters:

Dr. Pai's photo  Dr. Kalbarczyk's photo

Dr. Ganesh J. Pai
SGT / NASA Ames Research Center, USA

Dr. Zbigniew T. Kalbarczyk
ECE and Coordinated Science Lab. of the UIUC



Full Program:

Start End Title
08:45 10:00 Keynote presentation:
"Drones, Dependability Assessment, and Safety Assurance"
Speaker: Dr. Ganesh Pai, SGT / NASA
(Chair: Nuno Antunes)
10:00 10:30 Coffee Break
10:30 12:00 Session #1 – Security and Privacy
(Chair: Marco Vieira)
    "Discovering and Mitigating New Attack Paths using Graphical Security Models"
by Jin B. Hong and Dong Seong Kim
    "Evaluating Security and Availability of Multiple Redundancy Designs when Applying Security Patches"
by Mengmeng Ge, Huy Kang Kim and Dong Seong Kim
    "Towards an Ontology-Based definition of Data Anonymization Policy for Cloud Computing and Big Data"
by Roberta Matsunaga, Ivan Ricarte, Tania Basso and Regina Moraes
    "RSVP: Soft Error Resilient Power Savings at Near-ThresholdVoltage using Register Vulnerability"
by Li Tan, Nathan DeBardeleben, Qiang Guan, SeanBlanchard, and Michael Lang
12:00 13:30 Lunch
13:45 15:00 Keynote presentation:
"Indirect Cyber Attacks: Case for Targeted Alteration of Environmental Control to Compromise Large Computing Infrastructure"
Speaker: Dr. Zbigniew T. Kalbarczyk, UIUC
(Chair: Nuno Antunes)
15:00 15:30 Coffee Break
15:30 17:00 Session #2 – Resilient Systems Design and Evaluation
(Chair: Dong Seong Kim)
    "An Integrated Approach for Resilience in Industrial Control Systems"
by Johannes Iber, Tobias Rauter, Michael Krisper and Christian Kreiner
    "Quantitative Evaluation of QoS Prediction in IoT"
by Gary White, Andrei Palade, Christian Cabrera and Siobhán Clarke
    "MARITACA: from textual use case descriptions to behavior models"
by Leydi Erazo, Eliane Martins and Juliana Galvani Greghi
17:30 19:30 Conference Reception