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Published: Thursday, 20 July 2017
Prof. Cotroneo's Keynote


The second edition of the International Workshop on Recent Advances in the DependabIlity AssessmeNt of Complex systEms (RADIANCE) occurred in June 26, together with DSN 2017. It was an event that featured very interesting presentations and discussion, attracting an average attendance of about 20 researchers.


The program started with a keynote by Dr. Ganesh J. Pai on "Drones, Dependability Assessment, and Safety Assurance". Dr. Ganesh is a research scientist with SGT, Inc., and a contractor member of the research staff of the Intelligent Systems Division at NASA Ames Research Center. A second keynote after lunch featured "Indirect Cyber Attacks: Case for Targeted Alteration of Environmental Control to Compromise Large Computing Infrastructure" by Prof. Zbigniew T. Kalbarczyk. Prof. Kalbarczyk is Research Professor at Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Coordinated Science Laboratory of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Tania Basso presenting DEVASSES work

The workshop was once again supported by the DEVASSES project both in terms of organization and in terms of paper submissions, with two works presented at the workshop: "Towards an Ontology-Based definition of Data Anonymization Policy for Cloud Computing and Big Data" presented by Tânia Basso from UNICAMP, see the right picture) and "MARITACA: from textual use case descriptions to behavior models".


Comparing with the previous editions of RADIANCE, the program reflects the increasing contributions on topics related to security and privacy. Overall, the full program included the presentation of a total of 7 papers divided in 2 technical sessions: 1) Security and Privacy; 2) Resilient Systems Design and Evaluation. The presentations showed novel techniques and fostered an interesting discussion which promoted the transfer of knowledge among the participants.


The full program of the workshop can be found here and the papers will soon be available at the IEEEXplore.


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