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Brazilian researchers in Coimbra

Published: Thursday, 24 September 2015


The University of Coimbra is pleased to receive the secondments of three Brazilian researchers in this fall: Daniele Januário and Ricardo Barbosa from the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) that will fullfill 2-month secondments, and Henrique Alves from Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL), which will stay for 6 months.


Daniele and Ricardo are MSc students at the School of Technology (FT-UNICAMP) supervised by with Prof. Regina Moraes and Prof. Ana Estela Silva on techniques and tools to help the agile developers dealing with user stories, mainly when the backlog size increases. The secondments will be useful for both to advance with their thesis works with contribution from the UC researchers. Ricardo is developing techniques to automatically group user stories according to their proximity, while Daniele is trying to find automatic ways to order this user stories according to which ones should be implemented first.


Daniele and Ricardo presented their work this week in the context of the regular seminars of CISUC-SSE group, which attracts local professors, researchers and students. Daniele presented “An Approach to Sequencing of Textual Requirements”, while Ricardo presented “The use of Text Clustering and Textual Similarity Measures to support the Scrum Framework”.


Henrique is a MSc student at the UFAL where he is advised by Prof. Baldoino Fonseca and Nuno Antunes (UC). The secondment will allow Henrique to advance his thesis works which has the goal of research ways to predict the existence of vulnerabilities based on characteristics of the software, such as code metrics. Currently, he is trying to find relations between software metrics of functions and the existence of software vulnerabilities. Regarding the presentation, Henrique is scheduled for the next week, to present his current work and the plans for the future.