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Eliane Martins visits University of Coimbra

Published: Thursday, 28 January 2016


Prof. Eliane Martins is in Coimbra to spend a 1-month secondment working with the local partners. Eliane is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Computing - University of Campinas (IC-UNICAMP), and she is the Principal Investigator of the UNICAMP team in the DEVASSES project.


Eliane presented some of the work she has been developing with her students in a presentation entitled “Model-Based Robustness Testing. Approaches and Some Results” in the context of the regular seminars of CISUC-SSE group, which attracted a broad audience of local professors, researchers and students. Many of the attendees work in robustness testing topics, which led to a quite enthusiastic discussion.


The secondment is synchronized with the DEVASSES Face-to-Face meeting and ToK Workshop V, which will be held in Coimbra in February 1-2. This will allow to better prepare the technical discussions on the work packages. The meeting will be attended by representatives of all partners, and will be particularly busy as the project reaches its middle point.


It is also a very important period for discussing ongoing collaborations both in terms of co-advised students and other collaboration projects that involve the UC and UNICAMP.


Eliane at UC