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UNICAMP from the sky

The fourth project ToK Workshop will be organised by UNICAMP in June 30- July 1, 2015.


The workshop is public and everyone is welcome to attend. The full program schedule is available below.


Event information:


Preliminar Program:

DAY 1 – June 30th
09:00 00:10 Welcome UC/UNICAMP
09:10 00:20 Opening - meeting objective and organization UC/UNICAMP
DEVASSES Internal Workshop – Day 1
09:30 01:00 Invited Talk:
Deploying Large-scale Service Compositions on the Cloud with the CHOReOS Enactment Engine
Daniel Cordeiro
10:30 00:30 Coffee Break
Presentations of the UNICAMP team
11:00 00:15 An Architecture for Dynamic Self-Adaptation in Workflows Sheila Venero
11:15 00:15 On the Use of Assurance Cases for Software-intensive Systems Felipe Nunes Gaia
11:30 00:15 Understanding Error Propagation using Complex Networks and Software Fault Injection William Paiva
11:45 00:15 An Approach to Clustering and Sequencing of User Stories Ricardo Barbosa
12:00 00:10 Model-Based Testing Ongoing Research at IC-UNICAMP Eliane Martins
12:10 00:10 Model-Based Online Testing and Online Monitoring Lucas
12:20 00:10 Model-based Testing in Software Product Line Leydi Erazo
12:30 02:00 Lunch
Presentations of the UFAL team
14:30 00:20 On the Relevance of Code Complexity and Change History for Recognizing Software Vulnerability Nuno Antunes
14:50 00:20 Using Decision Trees for Detecting Code Smells Baldoino Fonseca
15:10 00:20 Do Software Product Line Configurations Impact Software Security? Baldoino Fonseca
Past and Ongoing Secondments Status
15:30 00:15 A Comprehensive Approach To Guide The Design Of Privacy-Aware Applications Tania Basso
15:45 00:15 A MDE View on COSMOS Leonardo Montecchi
15:00 00:15 Continuous Multi-Biometric Authentication: Definition and prototyping of a solution for desktop systems Enrico Schiavone
16:15 00:15 Automated test generation in an iterative and incremental environment Thaís Ussami
DAY 2 – July 1st
Presentations of the UC team
10:00 00:15 Evaluation of Intrusion Detection Systems in Virtualization Environments Using Attack Injection Nuno Antunes
10:15 00:15 Studying the Propagation of Failures in SOAs Cristiana Areias
10:30 00:30 Coffee Break
Presentations of the UNIFI team
11:00 00:45 AMADEOS - Reasoning on Systems of Systems Andrea Bondavalli
14:50 00:20 IRENE Improving the Robustness of Urban Electricity Networks - project overview Andrea Ceccarelli